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“I worked with Fred Riley from a distance for 15 years. I worked very closely with him for 15 years. By reputation and performance, he was a man with dreams, passion and a desire to accomplish. His works matched his desires. He was a leader in the field of adoptions, encouraging of services to unwed mothers, foster care and mental health. Though Fred has now passed on it is fitting that his name be used in connection with efforts that will continue to assist those in need of assistance.”  Brent Scharman, Ph.D.

“Fred has been a true friend and deeply admired colleague for over 35 years! My life and career have benefited from Fred’s honest feedback and the open critical communication and debate we shared. Fred often stated that his greatest strength was his ability to surround himself with smarter and more capable individuals than himself. Those fortunate enough to serve with Fred at headquarters would readily acknowledge that we were daily tottered by an incredibly financially savvy, doctrinally driven and in my opinion, most completely competent leader to ever direct the Worldwide Operations of LDS Family Services.”   Dennis Ashton 

“I came to know Fred Riley when he was the head of a large social services and adoption agency for whom I was doing legal work.  We faced some significant issues, especially with litigation arising from some circumstances beyond the control of either of us.  I enjoyed working with Fred, and with support from various team members, worked through these issues.

 Fred was keenly aware of his responsibilities to the agency.  He recognized that decisions he made would impact the agency and its future and acted accordingly.  What impressed me more, however, was his dedication to the agency’s clients.  Although he was not providing direct services to them at this time, he cared deeply about their well-being.  To him, the agency could not be successful if its clients were not benefited and receive the services that they needed.  It was a learning experience for me to observe his care and concern for individuals.  It is something I’ve tried to duplicate in my own professional efforts.” David Hardy, Attorney

I worked closely with Fred for several years in a finance capacity.  I watched him lead as the Savior would lead and touched the lives of all he interacted with.  He was able to lift and inspire each of us on his management team and help us all be the best we could be.  He had a passion for adoption and helping those with social, emotional needs. He was always looking for ways to reach more people.  I am a better person for my time I spent with Fred.  Stephen Thompson