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My name is Christina I am a 21-year-old birth mom who placed my daughter in the spring of 2017. I am now a junior in college and continuing my education journey at a great school in South Georgia. The primary goal of my education is to become an adoption lawyer working with DFACS to change legislation to protect children that are in the custody of the state. My desire to pursue this specific career stems from my personal experiences but increased after I spent a year in Honduras working at an orphanage. While living in the country of Honduras, I was a house mom for thirteen young girls. While there I learned about the differences in social-economic opportunities that are provided for someone in Honduras versus in the United States and was appalled to learn that some domestic safety issues were not much different between the two countries. This sparked a fire in me to pursue a family law degree and learn how I can work to create better policies that will protect the rights of children and ensure them an opportunity at a better future. I have a long way to go but am confident God will help me reach the goals I chase. Being a birth mom in college has not been easy both emotionally or financially so receiving this grant was a huge help for me and I hope others have the opportunity as well.



What people say

Liz Hale Abo – Ph.D
It is still hard to imagine that heaven may have been more in need of Fred Riley than the world with all the lives he impacted for good, both personally and professionally. Fred was the ultimate humanitarian. His legacy lives on through the joys of adoption and all it entails in supporting adoptive couples and birth parents. It is fitting that our beloved Adoption Hall of Farner is acknowledged by adoption supporters everywhere who give generously to the Fred M. Riley Scholarship Fund.
Lori Throckmorton
Fred Riley had a deep passion for the welfare of children. It was paramount to him that birth parents and adoptive parents have the opportunity to make informed choices, be given counseling and support in the decision making process and then be given further support once decisions were made so all could thrive on their lives paths. He was unique in that he was a man of vision, but also a man of action. He also fought fearlessly for legislations that protected the rights of children, birth parents, adoptive parents and the institution of the family.
Ken Lowe
I had the pleasure of knowing Fred for 30 plus years. He was clearly in my top 10 of most influential people in my life. He was a believer in truth and knowledge. He deeply loved and understood the value adoption has in our world. He believed and practiced the value that every child matters and deserves a loving family.
Steve Sunday
The Fred M. Riley Foundation is here to help support birth mothers who made the noble choice of adoption to pursue their dreams.